Ahi Esta El Detalle

junio 11, 2013 - Comment




Juan Carlos Morales "asquel" dice:

The movie deserves 5, the DVD only 2 stars ___This is Cantiflas at his best with a strong performance by Joaquín Pardavé and the rest of the cast.___But there is not much else in this DVD, the images are not even cleaner than what you would get on a regular VHS tape, though frequently better image quality is seen on broadcast TV. The extra material is scant and not worth the effort of looking for it. The English subtitles are not the best but are not terrible.___Also, the original movie came out without any music except for a quick-paced tune at the opening and closing credits. Here this tune is switched for a danzón and the original credits with cartoon illustrations are also changed for pictures of Cantinflas.___The worst thing is that in every funny moment, there has been added a music track to “enhance” the joke as in Televisa’s Chespirito show. This just breaks the original movie’s pace and charm. It is just plain annoying to be shown when one has to laugh in a Cantinflas…

Roberto Solorzano dice:

One of Cantinflas’s best…but the DVD quality is vey poor I always liked this movie and considered it one of the best made by Cantinflas. As far as a movie goes I give it five stars. But the DVD quality is terrible (one star.) The sound and image are bad. The VHS version that I own is much much better, cleaner and clearer . The DVD version also has been cut and is missing a considerable portion of the “wedding ceremony.”

arturo_gtz dice:

Three stars for the restoration, zero for the butchering Be warned, this edition is cut!, almost at the end of the movie, almost five minutes of the film are out of it…The image is better than the other edition that you can buy, but don’t expect a Citizen Kane restoration…The only pro about this edition is the restoration of the original opening credits (the other edition has a collage of pictures instead of it)I hope Vanguard Cinema exchange this DVD for one uncut.

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