Ahi viene Martin Corona

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A MUST HAVE! Wonderful! This first team-up of La Montiel and Mexico’s beloved Pedro Infante was great. It sparkles! They set fire, better saying. They both argue, love and sing. And we watch and laugh!One of Sara’s first singing appearences on the Mexican screen. There are at least three great songs sung by Sarita Montiel (as the gypsy Carmen Linares) worth to pay attention: “Cancion del ole”, “Copla en la noche” and “Para el carro”. These are not only curious but true documents, as fans must know. Pay attention to her soprano-somewhat-alike and yet not so tuned voice. Still far from the bass velvety one we’re used to. Infante sings “Cuando el destino”, “Copa tras copa” and the extremely amusing “Carta a Eufemia”. Jose Alfredo Jimenez gives us a true gem, his huge hit “Paloma Querida” (recently ‘rediscovered’ by Luis Miguel – give a listen to his last release “Mexico En La Piel” – and buy it too!) and “El Corrido de Martin Corona”(Mero Norte) – also a very good song. He was a great singer,…

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Classic Mexispanishgypsyromantacomedramamusicawestern Everyone is at the top of their game here- we need a new category for this- mexispanishgypsyromantacomedramamusicawestern maybe, where this would be the number 1 gold standard. In my opinion this is the film that makes all the others of the Golden Era wannabes. (note: the Laguna Films DVD that I have, the one pictured here, does not have subtitles) “Bad hombres on horses- it’s real exciting!” -Piporro

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María Antonia Alejandra Vicenta Elpidia Isadora Abad Fernández Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in. I was already hooked on Pedro Infante, then suddenly Saritísima! This all just started as a way to help me with my Spanish comprehension…now it’s an addiction. I did gather that Sarita wasn’t Mexican, so maybe I’m picking up something about the language.

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