ASI ERA PANCHO VILLA BY PEDRO ARMENDARIZ (English, French, Portuguese subtitles)

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N. Hawkes dice:

Superb Mexican Movie I first saw this whilst on holiday in the Dominican Republic; then again in Mexico. It burned into the memory and I had to have the DVD in my’s a collection of brilliant little stories based on the Mexican revolution that involved Pancho Villa.The director was famed in Mexico across several genres and the star needs no introduction. This is a typical high quality Mexican movie with vivid colour amongst its other technical accomplishments.Everyone will have their own favourite stories. Mine is the one where the captured officer sacrifices himself with a tragic dupe involving his friends.Unmissable. The greater tragedy, of course, is that so few modern movies approach this high standard. Once again, we have to go back 50 years.

Ricky "Lover of the 7th Art" dice:

VILLA MI GENERAL FRANCISCO VILLA… Y VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!!! Excellent movie and what a GREAT CAST: Pedro Armendariz, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Maria Elena Marquez, Evita Munoz “Chachita”, etc., need I say any more?Directed by Ismael Rodriguez, this movie is a GREAT story of “El Centauro del Norte” and his “Dorados”. Made in 1957, year in which Ismael Rodriguez lost his Mexican Super Star Pedro Infante, now he focuses on another Mexican Star, Pedro Armendariz.The main focus of the movie is Pancho Villa, but not the “bandido, roba vacas, nor the asesino”, rather it is a selection of stories and events that show his gratitude, his intelligence, his thirst for justice, his stuborness, his ideas, and his human side as well.Pedro Armendariz has a GREAT performance as Pancho Villa, his voice and his presence are UNIQUE! I truly believe this is Armendariz at his best!The movie is FULL SCREEN (the original way in which it was filmed) in FULL COLOR. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. The film runs…

mommamak dice:

Review on service granted for my order. This video I ordered was for a gift to a family member: I was extremely pleasedwith the service rendered and the promptness of delivery.

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