Asi Era Pedro Infante

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Coleccion Pedro Infante: Asi era Pedro Infante (DVD) (FS)

Coleccion Pedro Infante: Asi era Pedro Infante (DVD) (FS)


Alejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator" dice:

“Que me entierren con musica” This is a moving and exquisitely made tribute to the genius of Pedro Infante, a singer and actor who was so natural and convincing, one was, and still is, magically brought into his world by watching him on the screen. Other than a few home movies that show him at rest, director Ismael Rodriguez in this film mostly celebrates him through clips of the many films they did together, and they were surely some of the finest films ever made. There are fantastic scenes from “Los Tres Garcia,” “Nosotros los Pobres,” “Sobre las Olas,” “A.T.M.: A Toda Maquina!,” “Pepe El Toro,” “Tizoc,” and many more. Rodriguez was the most influential director in Infante’s career, and there is a clip where Infante speaks of his gratitude for all he has learned from Rodriguez.Beautifully written by Rodriguez and Ricardo Garibay, with narration by Arturo de Cordova, and music by Raul Lavista, “Asi Era Pedro Infante” has moments that are sheer poetry, and starts by recreating the morning of April…

Maria dice:

This is the “classic” of all documentaries about Pedro Infante. If you would like to learn the basics about México’s most famous actor and singer of the golden age of Mexican cinema, you need to watch this video. Although the documentary is old (1963), it is still the documentary that better reflects the social phenomena that Pedro Infante created and still continues to create in México.Pedro Infante’s film career began in 1939, and ended tragically when the plane he was piloting crashed in Yucantán in 1957. He appeared in more than 60 films, and starting in 1943, he recorded about 350 songs.If you would like to see some of his films, I would like to share my favorites for your consideration:- Tizoc (1957). He was awarded the Silver Bear of the 1957 Berlin International Film Festival for Best Actor and also a Golden Globe at Hollywood, for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’, awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.- No Desearás la Mujer de tu Hijo(1950).- Angelitos…

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