Cantinflas (English Subtitled)

abril 6, 2015 - Comment


RedRonin dice:

Fantastic 0

Atalanta Santoscoy dice:

Misleading, a waste of time A waste of time. I have seen other works by Jaenada and I like him. He did a decent job portraying Mario Moreno but his Cantinflas comes out flat and with no grace or real rhythm. In terms of some of the other characters I do not know anything about his wife but Shillinsky was very talented and he was the one who told Cantinflas to go ahead and move on. Even though Shillinsky did not have Cantinflas’ success he had a career (here singing in Russian, he is the tall guy: Medel did work with Cantinflas,, in spite of their supposed rivalry, in theater and a movie ( big problem is that they chose fluff over content. Maria Felix is exaggerated, same as el “Indio”; neither Anna Lasyevska nor Otto Sirgo fill the screen as Miroslava and Andrés Soler respectively. To top all of these problems you get two stories and both of them are unfinished as in both of them the dramatic…

Alejandro Zacarias dice:

dont buy, wait for redbox or netflix, even rent it is a waist of money 0

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