Coleccion Pedro Infante: A Toda Maquina/Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer

junio 11, 2013 - Comment

Includes “A Toda Maquina” and “Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer?!”

Includes “A Toda Maquina” and “Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer?!”


Maite dice:

Entretenimiento clasico. Estoy enamorada de Pedro Infante desde los 7 años, y estas dos peliculas son el porqué. Son divertidas, cómicas, y sanas, con un mensage de la amistad muy puro.

N. Hawkes dice:

Two of the Very Finest Mexican Movies These wonderful movies are in the DNA of all Mexicans and most other Latin peoples.As a Brit married to a Peruvian, I was aware but didn’t really get into them until sustained viewings whilst on separate holidays in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. There are some great TV channels out there that are constantly showing “golden age” movies.I can’t really add anything to the knowledgeable reviews already published except to say that these are great movies in their own right and are certainly not imitations of the Hollywood of that age.Pedro Infante was always terrific (and some singer too!).These two feature Luis Aguilar who is absolutely wonderful with Infante. Some of their scenes remind me of classic Laurel and Hardy. Apparently, the traffic cops gave the stars honorary membership, such is the esteem in which these movies were and are held.The DVDs generally have very good extras though don’t expect perfect English sub-titles!Any movie buff should…

xalos1 dice:

Buenisimas peliculas Que se puede decir, estas son peliculas clasicas de la epoca de oro del Cine Mexicano. Me traen tantisimos recuerdos de mi niñez. La calidad de las peliculas es muy buena.

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