El Charro Cantora Exitos De Pelicula

junio 13, 2013 - Comment


Alejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator" dice:

Excellent Negrete Set This 2 disc set has 14 songs on the audio CD, and 2 films on the 2nd DVD disc, both packaged in the same jewel case, with a little foldout insert that has a song list and basic information on the films. It’s a wonderful collection for Jorge Negrete fans, and 55 years after his death, he is still a huge star, with a following almost as large as that of Pedro Infante. They both had untimely deaths, but left us with an incredible legacy on film and in their recordings. Negrete (1911-1953) was one of Mexico’s greatest singers, with a smooth, rich baritone that could have made him a big opera star had he chosen to be one, and he was also tall, dark, and incredibly handsome.Disc 1, the audio CD: The 14 songs are a delight, and include a Spanish version of Cole Porter’s “Begin the Beguine,” which is so very fine, with its tropical sounding arrangement, and his fantastic rendition of Chucho Monge’s “Mexico Lindo y Querido.” This song is the “unofficial anthem” of Mexico, and…

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