Lo Mejor del Chavo del 8, Vol. 1

julio 23, 2013 - Comment

Soundtrack: Spanish; Subtitles: none. In Spanish; no subtitles.

Soundtrack: Spanish; Subtitles: none. In Spanish; no subtitles.


Consuelo Maciel "CONNIE" dice:

Me encanta El Chavo, PERO………. Este DVD es una burla a los consumidores, son varios capitulos revueltos con un tiempo total de media hora, que horror!!!!Preferible seguir disfrutandolo en la tele hasta que televisa haga un producto del cual valga la pena comprar. Que pena……..

Sacred Warrior "Sacred Warrior" dice:

Terrible Edting and a ripoff to chespirito fans. I was really exited at first when i purchased this volume but my happiness plunged to bitter dissapointment as soon as I played the dvd. All the episodes are edited and extremey short. Some of the best scenes are also so short that this is truly a ripoff for fans like myself. I do not recommend this at all unless you wanna throw your money away. They should really remaster and sell this dvd with the full episodes as shown on tv otherwise this will really hurt the chespirito marketing thugs.

L. Ramirez dice:

Mejor del Chavo del 8 Vol 1 DVD I bought this DVD for my husband who used to watch it when he was a kid, so it brought back good funny memories for him. I coulnd’t get into it too much because of the fact that it only shows you clips from different episodes,and not the full episode so you don’t actualy understand everything that is going on. All in all it did make my husband laugh and I was happy about that.

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