Lo Mejor del Chavo del 8, Vol. 2

julio 23, 2013 - Comment

Soundtrack: Spanish; Subtitles: none. In Spanish; no subtitles.

Soundtrack: Spanish; Subtitles: none. In Spanish; no subtitles.


Omar Gonzalez dice:

not as good as volume one! Not unlike lo mejor del chavo del ocho volumen 1 this one volumen 2 kind of dissapointed me for a couple of reasons,the number one problem I had with this video is that its only one hour long! not like the first one wich lasts about two hours.Another big disappointment was that not only is this video too short but i actually felt cheated because it included two episodes that appeared in the first volume! those episodes are “Las Tortas” and “La Guitarra”. so in other words you are only getting about 40 minutes of new material!Shame on you Chespirito! all those years of making wonderfull episodes and you cheat us with repeats!

Susana Loor "tutiloor" dice:

El chavo rules!!! Now that every single show (friends, sex and the city and so on) haver their episodes on dvd, it was a bout time that the best hispanic comedy show had its own. I only own number 2 and it’s amazing. 6 episodes for under 15 bucks. This one has some of the classics like clases de guitarra o clases de box. I hope they come out with the whole collection, Im sure el chavo has a lot of freak fans like me who grew up with him.

Joandiel Resto dice:

Short episodes but still a classic DVD! In this volume 2 of the Chavo’s DVD you can find the episodes of: 1. Billetes de Loteria; 2. Clases de box; 3. La casita del Chavo; 4. La Torta; 5. La pelea de Don Ramon; and 6. Clases de guitarra. As I wrote in the title may there’re not complete episodes but they have the most important parts of the #1 Comedy in Latin America, El Chavo del 8. A classic!

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