Los Hijos de Maria Morales

abril 6, 2015 - Comment


Alejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator" dice:

The Boys Just Wanna have Fun Life is one big party for los hermanos Morales; Jose (Pedro Infante), and Luis (Antonio Badu) get a reputation as “un par de escandalosos” as they go from town to town, and from fiesta to fiesta, seducing the girls, and getting the male population very upset. They get tripped up, when they come to the town where Don Carlos Salvatierra is Mayor, and Don Carlos tricks them into thinking they’re coming to town as celebrities. The Mayor meets them with a mariachi band, and deftly escorts them into a comfy prison cell, decorated with a large and threatening portrait of their mother. What follows is a hilarious romantic romp, with fast pacing and a sharp, witty script, that will keep you entertained from start to finish.The cast is superb, with Infante and Badu once again making a great team (they made “El Gavilan Pollero” the previous year), and Andres Soler marvelous as Don Carlos. Irma Dorantes and Carmelita Gonzalez are funny and sassy as Don Carlos’ daughter Maria and and…

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