Necesito Dinero

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Alejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator" dice:

“Necesito Dinero” (“I Need Money”) The thin but charming plot concerns Manuel (The great Pedro Infante), who is an auto mechanic, and from his vantage point in the shop can see only legs walking by on the street. He falls in love with Maria Teresa’s legs, and nicknames her “Zapatitas.” One day he sees her legs on a bus, recognizes them immediately, and is afraid to look up at her face. When he finally sees her gorgeous beauty, he knows that she is the one for him, and follows her home. “Necesito Dinero” is the first of 3 films Infante made with Spanish singer/actress Sarita Montiel, a superstar in her own right. The mystery is that of the 6 songs included in the film, she doesn’t sing a single note.The humor in the film comes from Infante who tries to make money to impress Montiel, as she is determined to marry a rich man and get out of the poverty her family is living in. He tries singing in a television contest, competing in a boxing match, and more. At last there is the usual happy ending, as Montiel…

Dro dice:

Love this movie A mechanic falls in love with a pair of legs, and later with the woman they belong to. Lots of laughs, and a happy ending.

Tanya "Nana" dice:

Classic 50’s Spanish Movies Recently, we introduced my grandparents to the world of DVD’s. As Spanish Speaking only individuals, I had been trying to get them Spanish Movies on DVD. They love all the Sarita Montiel movies from the 50’s. They remember getting dressed up to go to the cinema in Cuba and the movies really take them back. These two for one DVD’s are great and you really can’t beat the price. It is a treasure trove I was thrilled to find for them on my quest to expand their DVD collection. They really take you back to a different time and let’s face it, the classics never get old.

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