Nosotros Los Nobles (English Subtitled)

abril 6, 2015 - Comment


Anne-Marie dice:

A very funny, smart movie any age and any culture can enjoy. A must-watch for understanding modern Mexico. I loved this movie. This is a very funny, engaging movie about a self-made Mexican magnate who realizes that the advantages he has lavished on his three adolescent children have turned them into spoiled brats. His beloved wife died young, leaving all of the parenting to him, and a nanny, Margarita, who to the filmmaker’s credit, they turn into a full character, making the movie more interesting. The kids are hilariously frivolous and celebrity-obsessed hipsters; also inconsiderate and lacking empathy about the social inequities that make their lifestyle possible. Realizing that they are likely to grow up into the kind of lazy slackers they hang around with, the father decides to teach them a lesson, and a comic farce ensues. In the end, the father learns a lesson too. I would recommend this movie to families, because it will be very funny to children of any age, and anyone who has suffered the loss of a parent through death or divorce would like this. For adults, it is a biting social critique, and a…

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