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junio 11, 2013 - Comment


El maestro, Instituto Orloff de Idiomas Extra... dice:

Nosotros los pobres ‘Nosotros los pobres’ is a movie I have used several times in my high school Spanish classes. I find that it is sufficiently “impactante” to transport my students to another place and time. I would highly recommend this film to other Spanish teachers. The healthy confusion in the relationship between the various characters, combined with the teetering plot line and compelling emotional content keeps students biting at the bit as they yearn-squirm to understand what is going on. It is a “clásica del cine mexicano”.El maestroInstituto Orloff de Idiomas Extranjeras

Coronita dice:

Very Good Quality Loved it! I loved this movie when I was growing up. This movie was made in the 1950’s and the quality was good. Not as perfect as I wished it could be, but because it’s so old it was worth buying it. Thanks.

zombie50 dice:

best of the best Hi therethis movie was wonderful not only the movie it self but also the quality of it,the casting is terrific and the story it self.I’m very pleased with every thing in it.THANK YOU AMAZON ! !

Ana dice:

¡Qué buena pelicula! En general, todas las películas de Pedro Infante.

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