Tizoc (Amor Indio)

junio 11, 2013 - Comment

Studio: Laguna Productions Inc Release Date: 03/21/2006 Run time: 110 minutes

Studio: Laguna Productions Inc Release Date: 03/21/2006 Run time: 110 minutes


Enrique Torres "Rico" dice:

Maria Felix & Pedro Infante The great Mexican director Ismael Rodriquez brought two idols of the Mexican screen together during the mid 1950’s, Maria Felix and Pedro Infante, to create an instant classic. This is an excellent film that was filmed in the mountanious area of Oaxaca with magnificent footage of the natural beauty. Pedro Infante is Tizoc, a naive Indian peasant who has a penchant for animals but kills them for their hides with his primitive heaving of a stone in a sling method. His accuracy is astounding and makes the other Indians jealous and he becomes the butt of their jokes and all the other villagers seem to dislike this very likeable character. His accuracy eventually wins the favor of the rich merchant who buys his hides but not before his daughter arrives from Mexico City. The lovely Maria Felix is the rich mans daughter and immediately notices Tizoc. Tizoc meets her and runs away because he thinks she is the virgin Mary come to life from the statue in the church. He gives his simpleton…

Mikkel Moldrup-Lakjer dice:

Excellent film, unsatisfying medium… The description line says “dubbed in Spanish”? As if it were another Hollywood movie prepared for the Mexican audience. Nothing like it. Instead, this is actually one of the most famous films of the classic Mexican golden age of motion pictures. Starring MarĂ­a Felix and Pedro Infante who sings three songs – it does not get much better than this.

Timothy Byrne "tbyrnestl" dice:

Classic melodrama and social fantasy First off, a warning that the DVD is not subtitled. The Spanish is easy though, even Pedro Infante’s *indian* accent.In an era where Frida’s adoption of native dress and Diego’s valorization of the native was still fresh in the social consciousness, the social fantasy of the rich woman who falls for the despised Indian probably came off as a little less disingenuous. Even today it’s still a good film, mostly because of Infante’s terrific blend of character acting and presence. He’s always the perfect outsider, with a strong and quirky character who becomes weightier and weightier as the film progresses.The print is less than perfect and the transfer is less than good, but it’s watchable without too much distraction. Sadly one generally has to make do with this sort of copy to watch this old gems of the Mexican cinema. Unfortunately piracy probably renders any more ambitious project unprofitable.

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